OPEN DAY - Tuesday 25th May, 2021

We would love to invite prospective parents, family and community members to come and visit our school.

Lower Plenty
2022 Enrolments.

We are currently taking enrolments. If you would like to book a tour please get in touch.


A happy school with high expectations.

At Lower Plenty Primary School we make every student feel special.


Our school values of Care, Honesty, Achievement, Respect, Responsibility and Fun are constantly reinforced and recognised throughout the year.

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Care - Thinking of others.


Thinking of others.

Honesty - Being truthful.


Being truthful.

Achievement - Recognising success.


Recognising achievement and celebrating success.

Respect - Attitude of admiration.


An attitude of admiration or esteem.

Responsibility - Making good decisions.


Making good decisions.

Fun - Ensuring enjoyment and success for all.


Ensuring enjoyment and success for all.

Lower Plenty Primary School - A happy school with 
high expectations.

Genuinely bright and
positive atmosphere.

We offer a dynamic and comprehensive curriculum, plenty of safe and spacious play areas, and a variety of extra programs. We highly encourage prospective families to contact the school and arrange a personalised tour of our wonderful facilities.

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