Student Transitions

Trouble-free and happy experience.

At Lower Plenty Primary, we understand that choosing a school which will give your child the best start to their education journey is a big decision.  We endeavour to ensure that every child makes a successful transition to primary school and that it is a trouble-free and happy experience where parent participation and involvement is actively encouraged and appreciated.  We welcome the opportunity to show you what Lower Plenty Primary School has to offer you and your child.

School Tours

We extend an invitation to all parents considering a quality educational environment for their children to contact the school to arrange a personalised tour. During these tours, you will have the opportunity to visit our classrooms to experience our school in action.  To organise a tour of the school please contact us via email or phone 9435 2585.

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Open Day - Lower Plenty Primary School - A happy school with 
high expectations.

Open Day

During Education Week we also offer prospective and current parents the opportunity to visit our school. During your visit you will be guided by our student leaders and given the chance to see our school in action.

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Orientation Programs

Starting off in a new school is a major step for both families and students and will represent one of many transitional periods that occur through a person's life.

Whether transition is occurring from pre-school to school, between classes or Year 6 to secondary school, transition is made successful by building positive experiences. At Lower Plenty Primary School we aim to build relationships and links for the family and child to promote a connected, secure and confident feeling within our school community.


Our school feeds to all of the secondary schools in the local area and thus secondary transition focuses on this important move into secondary schooling.

Grade 6 students and parents attend open days and evenings at the secondary colleges, including attendance at a designated orientation day in December.

We actively work with the local secondary schools to ease students through the transition process. Information is forwarded early in the year setting out the regional timeline for enrolments. Secondary school students visit Lower Plenty Primary School to inform Year 6 students of their experiences and exciting programs as many secondary schools set up a learning environment that is similar to primary school.  At Lower Plenty Primary School our year 6 teachers liaise with Year 7 coordinators to discuss the needs of students attending their schools.

Foundation Buddies – Our grade 5 & 6 students build a special relationship with our Foundation students to promote an easier transition from kindergarten to school. The Buddy Program offers Foundation students a familiar face within the school yard and someone they can rely on to look out for them during the transitional first year.

For our Foundation Transition dates please visit our ‘Foundation Students‘ page.

Foundation Students