Our Values

Our school is a happy place with high expectations.

Our school values of Care, Honesty, Achievement, Respect, Responsibility and Fun are constantly reinforced and recognised throughout the year.

Care – Thinking of others.

  • We will be supporting and caring
  • We will act with kindness and compassion
  • We will be patient and give encouragement
  • We will work together to achieve common goals
  • We will negotiate solutions
  • We will be friendly and welcoming to others
  • We will acknowledge the contributions of all group members
  • We will foster co-operation, trust and goodwill between students, teachers, parents and the broader community

Honesty - Being truthful.

  • We will be honest and truthful when dealing with others
  • We will display a sense of integrity
  • We will be fair by making things as equal as possible
  • We will respect and follow school rules
  • We will accept the final decision graciously

Achievement - Recognising achievement and celebrating success.

  • We will recognise achievement
  • We will do the best we can in all situations
  • We will not give up when faced with tasks that are difficult
  • We will encourage individual improvement
  • We will support each other in achieving our goals • We will recognise achievement
  • We will celebrate success
  • We will be passionate about learning and teaching
  • We will provide a supportive and challenging environment
  • We will excite, engage and empower our students
  • We will foster a desire and enthusiasm for life long learning
  • We will foster creativity
  • We will strive for excellence

Respect - An attitude of admiration or esteem.

  • We will respect and uphold our school values
  • We will respect ourselves
  • We will be considerate of the rights and feelings of others
  • We will treat others as we want them to treat us
  • We will be courteous and friendly
  • We will be tolerant of others in our school community
  • We will acknowledge the rights of others to be different
  • We will accept the things we can’t change
  • We will not accept bullying in any form

Responsibility - Making good decisions.

  • We will be responsible for our actions
  • We will do our share of the work
  • We will honour our commitments
  • We will help those in trouble or less able to care for themselves
  • We will foster resilience

Fun - Ensuring enjoyment and success for all.

  • We will take time each day to ‘have fun’
  • We will promote enjoyment and success for all
  • We will be optimistic and positive
  • We will ensure that social competencies are embedded into our programs and practices
  • We will encourage school pride and a sense of belonging