Enrolment FAQ

Thanks for your interest in enrolling at our wonderful school.

Please do not hesitate to contact us on 9435 2585 with any other enrolment queries. We also encourage you to book a personalised tour with our Principal Daniel Frew.

Here are some answers to common enrolment questions:

Where do I find enrolment forms?

You can download a 2022 enrolment form or pick up a copy from the school office.

How do I submit the enrolment form?

By mail, email or at the school office.

When do I need to submit the enrolment form for Foundation students?

Enrolments for the next Foundation year should be submitted as soon as possible to allow us to plan ahead and contact you regarding information on upcoming transition days, events and processes.

Can I enrol at multiple schools whilst deciding?

This can upset a school’s future planning.

Can my child attend Lower Plenty if we live outside the area?

Yes, Lower Plenty Primary School accepts enrolments from the local or outside area and is not currently zoned or capped.

Can I enrol my child during the current school year?

Enrolments for the current year are usually accepted. If we are not your closest school enrolment may be denied should grade numbers be at capacity.

Where do I buy the uniform?

All school uniform items except dresses are available for purchase at the school. Dresses can be purchased at most department stores.

I’m a little concerned about the openness of some of the learning spaces. Should I be?

We love it and encourage you to come and take a look and see why.

Using Technology

At LPPS we have been investing in class sets of Chromebooks, students are not required to bring a device.  This allows us to provide consistent learning opportunities for all students, reduces the cost for parents and helps keep children safe online.

How does the school look after the safety and wellbeing of my child?

Our caring staff, smaller population, spacious grounds and positive environment, along with our student welfare officer and a variety of engaging programs all go together to help nurture your child through their exciting years at LPPS.

What secondary schools do LPPS students transition to?

A variety. Many of our students go to Montmorency or Viewbank SC and some to other government or private schools.