Curriculum - Incoming Foundation Students

School for new Foundation students starts in the year before their Foundation year with many opportunities to come to school and familiarise themselves with the school, teachers, facilities and playgrounds.

This includes a series of Transition days where the children get to spend time in the Foundation room with the Foundation teacher and do some activities.

Below is a list of other events that are a great opportunity for future Foundation students to attend.

  • 2019 Term 3 Transition Sessions - Wednesday 7th August, Monday 19th Auguts, Tuesday 3rd September, Wedsnesay 18th September, Thursday 17th October. Kinder children and parents are invited to come along to a series of transition sessions held at LPPS. Get to know our wonderful school community as your child prepares for school. The Foundation and Specialist teachers will run sessions from 9:15am - 10:00am. School tours will be available afterwards.
  • Teddy Bears' Picnic - Tuesday 29th October 2019. A Teddy Bears' Picnic for enrolled Foundation students will commence in the Shared Space at 9:30am and will conclude at 10:45am. The children will participate in fun activities with their Teddy Bears. Children are to bring along a snack and drink for the Picnic. A morning tea is provided for the parents in the staffroom during this time.
  • Fairytales Activity Session - Wednesday 13th November 2019 and Dinosaurs Activity Session - Monday 25th November 2019. Two group activity sessions will be conducted by our Foundation teacher for children commencing Foundation in 2020. During these sessions, the children will be exposed to some structured and unstructured learning and play activities. These sessions will be conducted from 9:30 am until 10:45 am.
  • Parent Information Session on School Readiness and BBQ - Thursday 5th December 2019. Lower Plenty Primary School wishes to extend an invitation to all our 2020 and current Foundation parents to join us for a barbecue at our school at 5:30pm. Foundation 2020 parents are then invited to an information session in the Shared Space, beginning at approximately 7:00pm. All children are also invited to attend as there will be activities being run by other Lower Plenty Primary teachers. A leter will be sent closer to the occasion to indicate how many adults and children will be attending the barbeque.
  • End of Year Christmas Picnic and Concert - Tuesday 10th December 2019. A whole school Christmas Picnic will be held to celebrate the end of the year. Families are invited to bring along a picninc dinner. Each class will sing a Christmas song, prior to the arrival of a special guest! Further details will be communicated closer to the date.
  • Whole School Transition 1 - Tuesday 10h December 2019 and Whole School Transition 2 - Thursday 12th December 2019. The Whole School Transition Program enables students to move into their new classroom to familiarise themselves with their classroom teacher and peers for the following year. Students will be involved in a range of classroom activities. Sessions will run from 9:00am until 11:00am. Students are asked to bring along a piece of fruit or vegetable snack for our 'Brain food break' and a bottle of water.
  • 2020 Foundation Commencement - Thursday 30th January 2020. In 2020 the Foundation students commence their schooling on Thursday 30th January at 9:00am and will be dismissed at 1:00pm on that day. The same attendance arrangements apply to Friday 31st January. Foundation students do not attend school on Wednesdays during February. For the first two weeks of school (February 3rd - 14th), Foundation studetns are dismissed at 1:30pm and commence school full time on Monday, 2nd of March.